Friday, October 22, 2010

This girl thinks that....

...loving people is the greatest thing she can do.

photo props me

....the following picture is the story of her life.

photo props we heart it

...bubbles maker her real happy, and maybe kinda wanna act like a little kid again.

photo props me

...weddings make her real excited

photo props Eric EuDaly

...when a group of friends can laugh through break-ups, break-downs, and ugly after prom break-fasts, they are really something special. 

photo props Maci Schwenk/Austin Bishop

1 comment:

  1. this girl thinks that... are undoubtedly fantastic!
    ...the new layout is lovely.
    ...your friends would be really fun to meet one day.
    ...the t-swift picture basically defines her love life. (uncool)
    ...growing up is a ridiculously HUGE adventure!

    mucho love and awkward hugs, friend! ♥