Sunday, October 10, 2010

In the land of Pumpkins

photo props Megan Cook

Many people have asked me why I love pumpkins like I do...and there is no one reason. But here is my best attempt to answer this question.

They are:

an odd Not many things are orange. They just beg you to look at them.

funny looking.

delicious tasting!

reminders of home and my mommy.

all different

They remind me of people. Some look pretty on the inside, but the outside is bumpy and bruised. Some look real pretty on the outside, but the inside stinks. Some are small but that makes them cuter and some are big and that gives me more to love. Some are awkward looking and some are pristine. They are all loveable. Every last one. If you just find the ways to love them.

photo props me

Mystery Pumpkin Song
(Maci put this on a mix for me ages ago and I can't find it anywhere else, but I wanted to share the song with you anyway, so go pause my player and listen)

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