Monday, September 13, 2010

Dare you to move

photo props we heart it

Nothing is wrong (yet) and nothing needs to be done right now, but I am thinking.

And thinking often leads to action.

And action isn't always fun. It creates ripples.

But often they're necessary. They push us along.

photo props we heart it

And so I'm left to ponder, to make ripples or to not?

What do you ponder late at night listening to Pandora and watching your dog sleep without a care in the world on top of your newly clean laundry? Hm?

No seriously, I really wanna know...

Dare you to Move - Switchfoot


  1. Well, I usually make ripples by taking risks. They are always made with good intentions and I've grown from all of them.

    Take for instance problems with old "best friends"

    We used to be best friends. And then it became apparent that behavior was changing. When I needed a friend, I had no friend to turn to. So I moved on. :) If I wasn't important to friends anymore, then there was no need to continue the friendship. It was very one sided.

    As for what I ponder late at night. I ponder friendship a lot. My husband is my best friend. But I no longer really have any close girlfriends anymore. I long for a girlfriend to invite over for a sleepover, having a night out with the girls. And calling late at night when I have a problem. Without being scolded by said friend, and feeling like i'm bothering her all the time.

    Just some things I'm thinking about right now ;D



  2. My thoughts would probably be, 'I need to rewash that laundry'. I don't do very much deep thinking late at night.


  3. Late at night is when i do my deepest pondering because everyone is asleep and there isn't anything on the tele. Its just me and the sounds of occasional cars passing by. I always start by pondering who i am; a question i've never been able to answer, but ask nonetheless. then i wonder about who I'd like to be. this surprisingly is as unclear as the first question but keeps my mind busy until i wake up and realize that i had been sleeping.