Thursday, July 1, 2010

We found a wood, we unfound a wood, and then we cried

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I realized the other day, that when I'm in Uganda I will be looking at the same moon as everyone back home. Somehow this little fact made me significantly less nervous to go. Kinda funny how small things can make you feel better.

For example, I can be having a terrible night, but if I go outside and hear the ice cream man coming down my street at dusk, my bad night disappears.

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In one other exciting bit of new, I get to see Peter Pan when I stop over in London. I kind of don't understand why I didn't realize this before 2 days ago, but it didn't register in my head that London is where the statue is located. Also, there is an incredible story of how the statue was unveiled. Here is a clip.

"There was no pre-publicity or formal unveiling. The statue was erected secretly during the night and Barrie simply placed this announcement in The Times: "There is a surprise in store for the children who go to Kensington Gardens to feed the ducks in the Serpentine this morning."

Full Story Here

How perfect. The more I discover about J.M. Barrie the more I know we would have been friends.

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Africa is 3 days away. I feel as though I'm having trouble being most of the time. I feel agitated and uncomfortable in my own skin and also like I want to stay and be there all at once. It almost goes beyond nervousness. But Jesus is gunna come through for me. I just have to keep telling myself he's right on my shoulder. Right there, waiting to comfort me. And ruffle my hair.

And stop my bad dreams about losing things, stealing things, and going bald.

Trolly Wood - Eisley

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  1. You are going to have such an amazing time!! I know God is going to show Himself in ways we cannot even imagine yet!! So excited for you!! LOVES!!