Sunday, December 20, 2009

Aaaaaand....cue coffeehouse.

Yeah, I found one here at home. Hooray. Cause pretty sure I was already going through coffeehouse withdrawal. Not coffee withdrawal mind you...I can get that at home. Just coffeehouse withdrawal. Ah, smell that fresh ground coffee? Mmmmm. So good.

And so on to work on my book. I have no idea if it's actually going to be any good, but I really need something to do over break other than making Christmas presents. BAHA. I'm so poor. I'm so poor that I don't have jeans without holes in them right now. My mom thought it was funny.....I didn't so much.

Ok, so true story. I was talking to my brother this morning and he wants to go se Avatar tomorrow night. Wow.....Avatar was not caught by spellcheck...weird. Anyways, I told my brother that I wanted to bring my Happy Meal Avatar toys to the movie. He had no reaction....he just kept talking. I suppose people do realize how weird I am. Made me laugh anyway.

I had a melt down with my mom yesterday. Not a bad one though, a nessesarry one. It was about time too. I knew I was about due for a full on mom melt down time. Usually they happen over the phone since I'm at college, but this time I was able to have one in person. It was good. Jesus talked to me a bit. He even bought me Endurmints (via my mom.) Funny. And because of said meltdown and talking some stuff out with God, today has been a joyful day thus far. About time. It's making me happy.

And now I'm off to write and drink coffee and pretend I'm at POHO. :-)

P.S. - A song for your enjoyment that I wish I would have remembered for my post about stereotypes. Yes Mmhmm. Enjoy!

Everybody's Got a Story - Amanda Marshall

and also cause I love it

House to Clean - Lee Ellen Starks

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