Friday, July 8, 2011

Uganda 2011 Entry 5

Well now...where to begin. 

There have been several team members that have fallen ill including myself. Amy and Anna are worse off than me however, so please, if you think of it...pray for recovery and health for the whole team, especially Anna and Amy. They are real troopers. 

Now for an addition of things Hannah learned this week. 

I learned:
-a song from Mama Grace can cheer even my worst moods
-what Amoxicillin, Flagyl, and Bactrim do (working the pharmacy without a degree...whew!)
-that a two year old saying your name for the first time is cause for a celebration
-that Jesus is my everything (ok so re-learned)
-that praying for someone forms a connection not easily broken
-how to clean up a Mercury spill (google you are so good to us)
-just how big cockroaches can get
 Now on to getting better so I can join the team tomorrow!


  1. I'll keep you guys in my thoughts and send you well wishes! Being sick is never fun and hopefully it doesn't last too long. Sounds like it's been quite the learning experience so far!

  2. I've been following your wonderful trip to Uganda <3 Sounds like you're having many amazing experiences and I'll be praying for your recovery :D