Friday, March 4, 2011

Memory 6

When I was little I loved musicals even more than I do now (and just so you know...I adore musicals now).

Pirates of Penzance was always one of my favorites. I used to throw a shawl over my head and pretend to be Mabel (who was played by Linda Ronstadt..crazy right?) It was also the first musical I ever preformed in. 

But one of my first loves was always Annie. I wanted to dye my hair red because of her. And Carol Burnett singing drunkenly? Hysterical.

And so in honer of being in a car for 20 hours with 2 of my bestest friends ever...and driving overnight to see my 3rd bestest friend you go. 

Tomorrow - Annie

P.S. - I just got chills listening to this again


  1. LOVE that pic of you as a little girl...reminds me of us dressing up and running around!

  2. I LOVE Annie! Can we have a roommate movie night featuring this redhead soon? Remember Connally still hasn't seen it. :)