Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Swing open your chest and let it in, just let the love begin

Anxious feelings are of an unusual make-up.

They're normal. They are usually a sign that you really care and you genuinely want things to work out for the best. Like worrying about a family member, a new job, or even a cute little Cocker Spaniel that likes to shove his ball under the couch.

photo props to me

Jesus says not to have anxious feelings over anything. But sometimes they feel right. They feel like you are caring about something. Like if you weren't anxious then you obviously don't care.

I'm trying to learn that guilt is just as much a bad feeling as anxiousness.

A fun little hippie with dreds reminded me the other day that no matter what happens, things will always work out for the best. There are only two tubes in life that occurances can come down, things that are blessings or things that Jesus will use to bless you.


photo props we heart it

Just think of all those people you could be loving in the time you took to be anxious.

Oh, and just FYI:

photo props we heart it

Now go love somebody!

Everybody - Ingrid Michaelson


  1. Yep...we don't like to think about it, but worrying about things is very clearly stated as sin. And it's saying that we know better than the One who holds all things in His Hands.

    Thanks for the reminder!! :)

  2. thanks for the tag :) and i thoroughly enjoyed our impromptu jam-mish session on the front porch the other night.

    PS i need to take my own advice. the last few days have put worry back into my agenda and i am struggling as well. stay strong, dear friend!