Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm ready now to fly

In a life with school book reports, melodramatic break-ups, late nights at coffee houses, and guitar practices. When I can hardly keep my eyes open lying under the stars and looking for meteors or when I'm lying in bed kicking my feet back and forth under the blankets, not able to sleep, worrying about the final I have in the morning.

When I actually sit back and examine myself and the people around me, look at the 1/2 birthdays and the rolfball games, look at the times that I've moved and the times I've come home...

photo props we heart it greatest fear is living an ordinary life.

Dream - Pricilla Ahn

photo props we heart it


  1. i feel exactly the same way.

    ...and that is why we are musical soulmates. ♥

  2. I wouldn't worry about that...either of can live lives nothing short of extraordinary. :)