Thursday, May 21, 2009

Smoothies and Backyard Weddings

Every girl dreams about her wedding day right? I mean, I'm not some crazy freak cause I pretty much have the whole thing planned, down to the flowers, the location, the dress.....the everything.

Yeah, ok, maybe it's a bit much.

I was out in my backyard yesterday and my mom wants me to get married in my backyard. Honestly, I love the idea. I've lived here my entire brother's have lived here for their entire parents have lived here for almost 35 years. Geeze that's crazy. It's home, ya know? It will always be home.

P.S.- I love movies that make you nostalgic without even knowing the people. There is something about movies that take place in the 30/40's for me. AKA The Curious Case of Benjamen Button. SO good.

I'm also getting really good at making smoothies.

I love summer. I just don't want to get lazy. I've talked to M about this a bit, but I'm so scared I'm going to become a lukewarm christian this summer, and that is unacceptable. I just want to feel close to him all the time, but that's not really how it works yeah? You'll have times where he feels distant.

P.P.S- Mom is shopping for a trellis tomorrow for my wedding. Yeah.....she's more excited than I am. Now I just need to find the groom and insert. Ha.

"Roman's is like a giant piece of fudge, so good, but I can only take little pieces at a time or I get overwhelmed"

If you want your mind blown away read Romans 7 and 8. The Message translation is the best.

HoneySuckle OUT!

I don't know....I'm just rambling at this point

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  1. LOL!!! I love your ramblings and your heart for Jesus and pretty much just you....yep...