Sunday, May 31, 2015

DIY: Flower Power Maxi Dress

I have been so tempted the last few days to blog about absolutely nothing. I composed numerous blog posts about job hunting, bordem killers, etc, but nothing felt right. And so I decided I needed something worth blogging about. So I dug through my fabric scraps and found something to blog about. 

It started with this tutorial from pinterest. Katy from Sweet Verbena suggested a jersey knit for a maxi dress but all I had was this retro sheet. The print was way too fun to pass up.
So I changed a few things up from Katy's tutorial that I'll let you in on. First, let me say using a sheet made a few things much simpler. First, it was already the exact right size to double over. Secondly, the bottom was already hemmed (although I ended up shortening it so the pre-hem didn't make much of a difference). It's really a fairly simply design. Here is what this baby looks like without a belt. Zero shape.
As you see a belt is absolutely necessary to make this outfit work. But as you can also see this is about the size of a twin sheet folded over. For the first half of the tutorial I followed along with Katy's tutorial perfectly. However, the neckline caused some issues. Because Katy worked with jersey she was able to cut a slit and have the neckline fall fairly naturally. However, when I did this it looked funny, so I improvised. First I cut a deep "V" for the neckline down the front and the back. 
Didn't stop there though. When I cut this deep "V" the dress kept slipping off my shoulders. So I took a dart in the back and added a bit more fabric to bring up the back more. The Results looks like this.

The full dress only took me about 1 hour. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. And bonus, Walter likes my dress too!

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