Thursday, March 29, 2012

Felt the joy and the fear

There is something about tea that I find calming. Not just the drink, but the ritual. The pretty cups, the small cakes and flowers on a lace tablecloth. The stopping, and breathing, and sitting with a person you care about. 

And for a moment that person is the most important thing in the world. 

We don't stop a lot. I don't stop a lot. But as I was mapquesting away at work today, I started to think. 

About tea. About friends that are not here and those that are. About life and stopping. And letting someone in enough to say, "you are the most important thing about my life in this moment."

And so I stopped at the thrift store, bought myself the essentials, and because I couldn't wait, had tea with myself. Just because. I needed to stop. And for a moment, be the most important thing in my world. 

What helps you stop, and just be?

New Soul - Yael Naim
(possibly one of my favorite music videos of all time)

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  1. I was about to make tea right as I read this. I love you so.