Friday, November 27, 2009

Regression Sucks.....

I feel like I'm regressing to 3 years ago in my life with the same problems I had. How frustrating. Seriously, it's really annoying me! I'm trying to talk to Jesus about it, rebuke the devil...all that. Not working! Gah! It's like seeing myself 3 years ago, being disgusted, and then realizing that I'm on the tip of a cliff, looking over, and ready to fall back down to that place....I refuse to go back to that place. Refuse!

I am not a patient person.

And yet....Jesus brought me out of that place. He promised I wouldn't go back. He's not really one to break his promises yeah? I am changed....I am completely different right? Yeah, so I had a bad day. We all do. Isn't the true test as to whether I'm the same person whether or not I try again? The Hannah 3 years ago would have given up.

Ha. I love when I have revelations while writing.

Now I just need motivation to write 2 papers. Not likely to happen. Let's be honest. I'll probably just go have Jesus time. At least that's more important that a silly paper.

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